ZielBio is an early-stage biotechnology company that identifies novel high value disease targets and develops therapeutic interventions to improve patient outcomes. Our proprietary drug discovery platform Zielfind™ combines the power of functional, high throughput screening with large content data analytics to identify high value targets. We have a promising pipeline of therapies and targets, including lead compound ZB131, a proprietary humanized monoclonal antibody against cell surface plectin (CSP) a cancer target identified through Zielfind™.  


Kimberly A. Kelly, PhD



  • 17 years in phage display innovation and imaging agent discovery and development (Utah, MGH,UVA). 
  • Discovered Plectin-1 biomarker with NIH funding, multiple NIH-R01 funded programs as well as industrial collaborations.

Colin Rolph


Chief Financial Officer


  • Managing Director of Tall Oaks Capital, LP.
  • CFO of EpiEP, Inc. and TearSolutions Inc.. 
  • Working with venture startups for 16 years. 

Julien Dimastromatteo, PhD


Principal Scientific Officer

  • Instructor of Research, UVA
  • Experienced in radiotracer development

Merrill Mason, JD


Corporate Counsel


  • Partner, Smith Anderson, Research Triangle Park, NC. 
  • Extensive start-up experience.

Robert Lutz, PhD


Head of Development


  • 25+ years in biotech R&D.
  • Principal consultant at Crescendo BioPharma Consulting.
  • Former Vice President, Translational Research and Development at ImmunoGen.
  • Expert in antibody and antibody drug conjugate non-clinical and translational development.

Michelle Higgin, PhD


Program Director

  • Principal PharmaDirections.
  • 20+ years in pharmaceutical R&D.
  • PhD in Biochemistry.
  • PharmaDirections, Inc - Leading CRO in virtual drug development. Assisting with strategic planning, project management. 
  • PharmaDirections, Inc was founded in 2003 to provide small pharma companies and start-ups access to Big Pharma level expertise. 

Pauline Ryan


Corporate Development Advisor

  • 30 years' biotech business experience.
  • Partner, Red Sky Partners.
  • Former CEO, Harbour Antibodies, Verik Bio; former C-level executive, Proteostasis Therapeutics, ImmunoGen.
  • Board member for biotech startups incubating at the MIT Martin Center for Entrepreneurship.
  • Former Board member, Solmap Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Forma Therapeutics). 

Bruce A. Silver, MD, FACP


Chief Medical Officer

  • NCI trained, board-certified, licensed medical oncologist
  • 19 years clinical oncology-hematology practice and clinical trials principal investigator experience
  • 17 years biopharma industry experience in clinical development strategy and operations
  • Has led first-in-man and later clinical development programs across multiple biologic and small molecule platforms for Adnexus Therapeutics, Avila Therapeutics, F-star, and others.