Z Plectin-1

Plectin-1 is a cytolinker also know as scaffolding protein


Plectin  is a 500kDa cytolinker protein  found in the cytoplasm of mammalian  cells. It acts as a scaffold between microfilaments, microtubules and  intermediate filaments.

Structure and function

Plectin exists in cells as several alternatively-spliced isoforms. The structure  of plectin is thought to be a dimer consisting of a central coiled coil  of alpha helices connecting two large globular domains (one at each  terminus). These  globular domains are responsible for connecting  plectin to its various  cytoskeletal targets.

Plectin-1 expression in pancreatic cancer

Plectin-1 in cancer

Although  normally found in the cytoplasm, plectin is expressed on the cell  membrane of multiple cancer cells and can therefore be targeted.